Kate Frances Lingard & Rebecca Gill

I Lost Track of Information


04.02.19 - 10.02.19


A site-specific, interactive sound installation by collaborative duo Kate Frances Lingard and Rebecca Gill, as part of UK Young Artists’ City Takeover.

Motion sensors are located the space, each one is linked to a different compositional element from a sound work composed by Kate Frances. By engaging with the work using a mobile device, the participant puts on personal headphones and logs on to a live broadcasting network. Their body then becomes immersed, transparent, the tool for manipulation of the audio they hear, marking the constructed space with the sound, a fluid medium. This allows the audience the opportunity to meditate on the amount of agency one has over their body and the space they occupy.

UKYA City Takeover comes to Nottingham, 7 - 13 February 2019; uniting 250 artists from 25 countries. It will span the city, immersing visitors in an array of extraordinary, innovative and contemporary work, from visual arts to performance; music; applied arts; literature; digital arts and moving image.

One of the largest biennials of national and international artists in the world, UKYA City Takeover will be discerning and cutting-edge. Presenting an exemplar survey show of contemporary art, performance and music being made today.